Current Macaron Flavors

Gluten-Free unless noted

Blueberry Cheesecake Macarons
Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry cheesecake buttercream with blueberry preserves in the middle

Key Lime Pie Macarons
Key Lime Pie

Key lime buttercream with white chocolate & graham crumbs (not GF)

Strawberry Lemonade Macarons
Strawberry Lemonade

Sweet-tart combo of strawberry & lemonade buttercream

Cinnamon Bun Macarons
Cinnamon Bun

Fluffy white chocolate buttercream bursting with cinnamon goodness

Nutella Macarons

Nutella buttercream with a big dollop of Nutella in the middle

Vanilla Chai Latte
Vanilla Chai Latte

Vanilla bean buttercream with all the warm chai spices inside & out

Lemon Poppyseed Macarons
Lemon Poppyseed

Fresh lemon buttercream with poppyseeds inside & out

Based on 43 reviews
Jeffrey Meenes
May 31, 2024
Sarah Santiago
May 17, 2024
I LOVE a good macaron, but they are so hard to make. Bri, The Mac Maker has nailed the perfect texture and mixes it up with creative flavors and beautiful shells! Don't sleep on these scrumptious treats!
Janie Blais
May 13, 2024
Absolutely delicious and so pretty. Looked great on the table of desserts.
Lindsay Dupuis
March 10, 2024
Communication was wonderful regarding storage and pick up and the Mac’s are delicious!
Jason Brockway
March 6, 2024
These macarons are amazing. Highly recommend. Every flavor was so good. Reminded me of the week I spent in France.
Haley Cutler
February 12, 2024
Great quality, taste delicious and always look so beautiful, best macarons around! I’ve been trying every flavor and I can’t pick a favorite because they are all so good.
bob stockwell
December 22, 2023
Great home baker. My daughters said the macarons were fresh, artistic, and delicious. All social media beautiful and worked smoothly . Pickup easy and flawless. Great discovery of a small local business
Dawn Magoon
December 8, 2023
The best macarons I've ever tasted! The flavor combinations are creative and always delicious. The macarons are perfectly baked with a just right crunchy shell and chewy texture. Pick up is quick and easy.
Erin Martin
November 22, 2023
The Mac Maker. I cannot say enough good things! I maybe place an order (at least) once a month! The flavors are always SPOT ON. The texture, the taste, the colors, the designs, the SIZE. I’m always impressed! Bri will be designing a cake tower for our wedding this winter & we can not wait!!!
thanh ngo
November 21, 2023

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